John & Yva on Mount Rainier.

I'm often asked about my favorite place to photograph. My answer is simple. It's the next big place I haven't been. I have special places I often return to, but I love nothing more than stepping into the challenge of a new place. This fall it's Patagonia and I'm so excited. I hope you'll follow along on social. I'll be sharing the trip as I have data access.

Stacey and I will be down there with John Eascott and Yva Momatiuk. A new subject to photograph and two of my favorite people on earth; I can't wait!

For decades John and Yva have been adventuring and photographing together around the globe while creating stories for publications like National Geographic, Smithsonian, and BBC. The two of them are such a team that they never differentiate which of them took any particular photograph. On National Geographic's photographer bio page they are profiled together. They are an inspirational duo and I am more than proud to call them friends.

This is going to be a fabulous trip. I can't wait.