Photo Credit: K utubuddin (GRAND JURY WINNER)

Photo Credit: Kutubuddin (GRAND JURY WINNER)

I hope you'll check out all of my Right Place and Time contest winners and finalists. I had a blast collaborating with Viewbug and ON1 on this contest. We plan to do more of the same soon.

My note on this Grand Jury winning image: 

This image exemplifies what happens when a practiced photographer thoughtfully places a camera and light in the right place at the right time. This is no simple snapshot. Kutubuddins technical skill is on display. This macro scene is perfectly focused at the right aperture to blur any background distractions. The light is correctly set to contrast this little green frog and leaf from the less exposed green backdrop. The shutter speed is just right. A faster speed and the rain would not be blurred to give us that sense of a downpour in motion; any slower and the leaf would be blurred from that same motion. Ultimately Kutubuddins recognition of the moment and practiced skill worked in concert to create a unique, single-image-story that is easy for a viewer to connect with emotionally. Who among us cant relate to this little frog with itleaf umbrella?” – Hudson Henry

Thanks so much to all of the 10,000 plus entrants.