Bill Mackie and Laura Lovell at Applied Physics Technologies

It is so wonderful to see happy clients enjoying my prints. Applied Physics Technologies, a producer of hi-tech electron emitters just installed this metal print of Mount Hood and the Moon in their newly remodeled boardroom. It was a blast to swing by yesterday to meet them, sign the print and share the story of how I captured it. One of my favorite parts of this job is the fun connections with great people like this.




I've had the pleasure of using the soon to be released Perfect Photo Suite 9.5 and I'm excited to tell you that it comes with a whole host of fun improvements. One of my favorites is how good they've dialed in the Fast Preview features of Perfect Browse. It saves me so much time in the culling process at the front end of my workflow that I created this Perfect Inspiration video showcasing it; although I didn't state it in the video, I'm using a beta version of Suite 9.5.

Fast preview's overhaul isn't the only enhancement though. The Perfect Browse and Perfect Portrait have each received a host of feature and performance improvements and there are new layer and effect tools like luminosity masking. There's a lot to be excited about. You can read more about it at this on1 Blog post!


First Look: Expedition Denali Trailer

I got a nice surprise this morning as I was unpacking from last weeks assignment. My friends at Distill Productions have finished their promotional trailer for the forthcoming documentary on Expedition Denali and it looks amazing. It was an incredible experience being a part of the film crew documenting this historic climb. Thanks to the Expedition Denali team, NOLS, our Kickstarter backers, and Distill Productions for helping to make it happen.

Without further ado, here is the fun stuff...

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Expedition Denali Sierra Magazine Cover

This past summer it was my honor to join Distil Productions, and NOLS (the National Outdoor Leadership School) to document Expedition Denali, the first African American expedition to take on America's highest peak. 

The January / February 2014 Issue of Sierra Magazine, the Sierra Club's national magazine, celebrates the historic expedition with the cover, a number of pages of my photos from the expedition as well as an interview with expedition members: Erica Wynn, Scott Briscoe, Rosemary Saal, and Stephen Shobe as well as our legendary NOLS instructor KG (James Kagambi).

Sierra is a world class publication with a very broad, intelligent and informed subscriber base; I'm more than pleased to have my image grace it's cover.

It's fun to watch the media coverage ramp up as Distill Productions continues editing the feature-length documentary.

Purchase an Expedition Denali print in the adventure gallery of my store.