Nikon D810 34 frame Panoramic Merger (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

I spent a cold night bivyed on Mount Saint Helens crater rim a couple of weeks ago. The forecast had been for a warmer night, and I slept fitfully in too light a bag. I was as excited to see the sun for it's warmth as I was for the photographic opportunity that dawn...

Portland lights the Haze. (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

I've been up here too many times to keep track of, but it's always amazing and different. I can't imagine ever tiring of this scene!

This morning was filled with Haze from Siberian Wildfires. I had a different location on the rim than I've shot before and I had to be patient to wait for the sun to clear the fog and provide some light inside the crater.

Once the magic started happening I worked fast in the changing light to snap this big panoramic in 34 overlapping frames.

My workflow is to do my RAW adjustments in Lightroom, assemble the images in Photoshop, and finally do the finish work in Perfect Effects 9.5.