30-frame Ultra-Hi-Rez Pano 35mm at F16 for 4 seconds per frame at ISO 64 (Click to Enlarge)

Cabin fever! The sun was out, it felt like spring in Portland and I was stuck working on my computer. Eventually overwhelmed -- I headed to the river for sunset. 

Despite a heavier cloud-cover than I'd hoped for, I really liked the way the subtle color in the western sky worked with the Seahawks colors on the Morrison St. Bridge to the north. The water was pretty choppy so I slowed my shutter to 4 seconds to smooth it out and help with the reflections. Yep, that's right... 4-seconds times 30 frames. With long exposure noise reduction turned on that means it took over 4 minutes to expose this image.

Following my current workflow: I did RAW edits in Adobe's Lightroom 5, assembled the panoramic in Photoshop CC and performed my finishing edits in onOne's Perfect Photo Suite 9.