Calibration and monitors

i1 Display Pro Colorimeter: Amazon   B&H (Cheaper now at Amazon.)

NEC PA302W SV 30” Monitor: B&H  (Amazon does not make clear which versions are Spectraview models, I’d stick with B&H for this.)

Reccomended Printers

Epson P600 13” wide: Amazon  B&H (The P600 costs more than the P400, but has better ink in bigger tanks and will cost less in time.)

Epson P800 17” wide: Amazon   B&H (The P600’s big sibling.)

Epson P7000 24” wide:  B&H

Epson P9000 44” wide:  B&H (Latest version of my big printer.)

HP Z3200 24”:  B&H (Another printer I own and love, but sadly HP abandoned development of this line. It was far ahead of it’s time.)


Reccomended papers

Epson Premium Luster: Amazon  B&H

Epson Exhibition Fiber: Amazon   B&H

Ilford Gold Fibre Silk:  Amazon   B&H


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