approaching the scene: the core course

This 30-video course covers all the essential building blocks in becoming a better photographer. Produced over a year in Bears Ears and Moab, this course is broken up into 4 parts; The Scene, The Exposure, The Camera and The Image.

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  • 30 lessons

  • Over 4 hours of content

  • RAW files for every edit

  • Course outline PDF and cheatsheet

  • Gear lists

  • Over a year in production on location in Bears Ears and Moab

  • Direct download for viewing anywhere


These lessons cover what to do before you ever pull your camera out of the bag. It's about scouting and connecting with the scene you're going to photograph. I'll cover my creative approach to framing up scenes and then talk about how to set up your editing software before you start actually processing images.



I'll delve into the variables that affect exposure in these lessons. We'll master using aperture, shutter speed and ISO more creatively. I will also cover the basics of RAW processing your images.

Download the “Exposure Triangle” video free!



From tripods and filters to camera bodies and lenses, we'll talk about using your equipment to capture the best quality images possible. In post production  I'll walk you through sharpening, noise reduction and correcting poor exposures.



This chapter is all where we put all the lessons from the first three chapters together to actually craft better images in a variety of circumstances like landscapes, portraits and action. I'll also walk you through some of my own start to finish photo editing.

Weekly YouTube Videos

Each week I post a new ATS video where I cover everything from techniques to gear. While the course is the best way to get in-depth training, these videos serve as a great way to keep up on trends in the industry. All the videos to date are below and I’d love it if you’d subscribe to my channel.

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