Workshop gear links

Here is the gear that I regularly use.

Fluid head SUPPORT GEAR:

Here's everything you need to get your camera on a fluid head (Use an L-bracket to get vertical):

  • Manfrotto 500AH fluid head: Amazon  B&H  (Don't buy a larger model, this is the sweet spot for DSLR and mirrorless)
  • Large Arca-Swiss style clamp (attach to Manfrotto rail to clamp your body's L-Bracket): Amazon  B&H
  • Long Manfrotto plate to mount to each of your long lenses with a collar and foot. Amazon  B&H

To level the head using  your current tripod with a flat plate and/or center column you also need one of these between them to easily get level:

  • Acratech leveling adaptor (for any tripod): Amazon  B&H

If you want to have the most optimized fluid head setup possible, then get a bowl tripod and adaptor like these:


The Hoya filters I use: Use the coupon code  HHPWORKSHOP for 20% off on the Hoya website.

Manfrotto Xume Magnetic System (get them and filters big): Amazon   B&H

Step-up Rings: Amazon   B&H


Rocket Blower Brush: Amazon   B&H

Zeiss Lens Wipes: Amazon   B&H

Microfiber Cloths: Amazon 

Sensor Light: Amazon   B&H

LEnses We chatted about in class:

Nikon 300mm F4: Amazon   B&H

Kirk 300mm F4 Rotating Collar:  B&H

Tokina 11-20 F2.8 DX: Amazon   B&H


F-Stop Tilopa Pack (smaller than mine): Amazon  

F-Stop Sukha Pack (mine) : Amazon 

Think Tank Battery Wallets: Amazon   B&H

Headlamp Princeton Tec Vizz: Amazon

Outdoor Research Stormsensor Gloves: Amazon

Black Rapid Breathe Hybrid Sling Strap (MINE): Amazon   B&H

Black Rapid Breathe Sport: Amazon   B&H

Tripod velcro hammock (like the folding shelf on my tripod):  Amazon  B&H (cheaper at B&H)

For full disclosure know that I'm an ambassador for Hoya, Black Rapid and Kirk Enterprises. The reason I work with those brands is that I believe in their products and trust them myself in the field.