Workshop Code of Conduct


All of us are engaged in this workshop experience to explore a beautiful location with one another while learning to better tell our own individual visual stories. I limit the size of my workshops both to ensure that each participant receives individual attention and to create a learning environment where we can all bond as a small group. Toward this goal I require each participant to adhere to these simple rules.

  1. Be kind and respectful to one another and to others we encounter in the course of the workshop.

  2. Be patient. From time to time you may have a question or need while I’m working with another participant. I will work to spend equal time with every single member of the workshop.

  3. Avoid any altercation or drama with other participants or people we encounter during the workshop. Remember that these locations often require complex permitting that could be jeopardized quite easily.

I find that my workshops draw an incredibly thoughtful, kind and talented group of photographers and I have yet to invoke these rules in the field. It is important however, for everyone to understand and follow them. Anyone unable to adhere to this code may be asked to leave. If you have any questions about this feel free to contact me.