"Precious Few"
Mother Mountain Gorilla hugs her baby in wilds of Rwanda's Parq des Volcans National Park.
"Zebras and Flamingos and Flamingos"
Three zebras walk past a flock of flamingos on a lake shore in Ngorogoro Crater, Tanzania
"Contemplative Condor"
Wild California Condor in Utah, close-up with red rock backbround.
Young Impalas touch faces in the wild of Tanzania with a green leafy backdrop.
"Baby Giraffe"
Baby Zebra with it's monther on green grass in Tanzania's Ngorogoro Crater National Park
"Sockeye Run"
Sockeye Salmon display spawning colors underwater in British Columbia
"Wings Alight"
An egret spreads its wings as it lands on a rock in Lake Victoria
"Baboon Joy"
A young Baboon is overjoyed playing with a plant blurred green grassy backdrop
"Cascade Mountain Goat"
A mountain goat stands on the granite of the Enchantments range in the North Cascades with colorful larch trees in the backdrop.
"Blue Heron Reflection"
A blue heron is reflected flying over rippled blue water
"Piggyback Gorilla"
Mother Mountain Gorilla with her baby on her back in wilds of Rwanda's Parq des Volcans National Park.
"Mother Mountain Goat"
Closeup of a mother mountain goat with her baby lying down on granite within The North Cascade's Enchantments.
"Follow me"
Two Canada Geese follow a duck in flight over dry grass with Steens Mountain in the background.
"Cormorant Alley"
Cormorants in flight and perched on pilings along the Columbia River on a foggy morning at Sauvie Island, Oregon.
A horse in the wilds of Patagonia with Mount Fitz Roy in the background.
Guanaco in Torres Del Paine National Park.