approaching the scene: Advanced Panorama course

Following the release of my Panoramas Made Simple Ebook, this course is a comprehensive 14-video training course that takes you from camera set up to RAW processing and merging your panoramas.

Introductory offer.

A $59.99 value, Just $29.99

Available for Lightroom or ON1

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Lesson #7: Finding the No-Parallax Point

  • 14 lessons

  • Hours of content

  • RAW files for every edit

  • Course outline PDF and cheatsheet

  • Gear lists

  • Direct download for viewing anywhere

  • ON1 and Lightroom versions

Lesson 1. Course Introduction

Lesson 2. Why Panoramas?

Lesson 3. When to Capture Panoramas

Lesson 4. Simple vs. Advanced Panoramas

Lesson 5. Simple Handheld Panoramas

Lesson 6. Using Tripods for Simple Panoramas

Lesson 7. Finding the No-Parallax Point ( aka the Nodal Point.) (download sample)

Lesson 8. Advanced Panorama Capture

Lesson 9. Checking Panoramic Histograms & HDR Pano Capture

Lesson 10. Marking & Protecting Panoramas

Lesson 11. Merging the Panorama

Lesson 12. HDR Panoramas

Lesson 13. Raw Processing Panoramas

Lesson 14. Start-to-Finish Edit


Weekly YouTube Videos

Each week I post a new ATS video where I cover everything from techniques to gear. While the course is the best way to get in-depth training, these videos serve as a great way to keep up on trends in the industry. All the videos to date are below and I’d love it if you’d subscribe to my channel.

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